July 2019

Seminar: Real Issues in Real Estate – Thursday 25 July 2019

Join our speakers Christopher Jenkins, Dwight Glinton, Chizelle Cargill and Kharin Sears on Thursday 25 July at 4.00pm for an exciting seminar exploring some contentious issues in Real Estate litigation.  

The seminar will cover three short talks:

Exercising the power of sale in the context of litigation with the Mortgagor
Christopher Jenkins will discuss common issues arising in relation to the exercise by a Mortgagee of the power of sale and the power to appoint a receiver under a mortgage. The talk will also discuss strategies that may be employed by delinquent borrowers seeking to interfere with the exercise of those rights, and how these can be addressed.  

Trespass – How someone could gain an interest in your land
Dwight Glinton will discuss the issue of trespass, and how someone can gain an interest in your land. Trespass is perhaps the cause of most land disputes in the Bahamas and it could affect anyone. The talk will look at the kind of activities and the length of time required for someone to be able to gain an interest or full title to another person’s land.

The ABCs of RPT
Chizelle Cargill and Kharin Sears will give an outline of the Real Property Tax regime and the issues that can arise in the context of litigation, including consequences for non-compliance and failure to pay.


Offices of Lennox Paton, 3rd Floor Lawyers Lounge, 3 Bayside Executive Park, West Bay Street & Blake Road, Nassau 


To book your place email your full details to events@lennoxpaton.com
There is no charge to attend this seminar


3.45pm — Registration and Refreshments
4.00pm — Seminar presentations
4.55pm — Questions and closing remarks 
5.00pm — Drinks, canapés and further discussion


Christopher Jenkins


Dwight Glinton


Chizelle Cargill


Kharin Sears