May 2020

Citywealth’s Top 100 Trust Litigators and Polymaths list

We are delighted to announce that Brian Simms QC and Marco Turnquest have been recognised in Citywealth’s list of the Top 100 Trust Litigators and Polymaths

Citywealth describes this list of top litigators and polymaths as a list of peer-recommended litigators who have negotiated with the toughest opponents, through the hardest circumstances and with very little on their side but brains, lateral thinking and a will to win.

According to peers Brian Simms QC was described as “Exceptionally smart and well informed. Established career. Resilient and thoughtful” and Marco Turnquest was described as “Distinguished and astute, skilful and thorough.”

As part of the initiative and to highlight standout advisers, Citywealth encourages people to leave reviews for lawyers named in the Top 100. If you would like to leave your own review for either of our lawyers, please follow the links below to visit their Leaders List profile page:

Click here to read more about Brian Simms QC:

Click here to read more about Marco Turnquest:

 The full list is available to view here: Top 100 Trust Litigators and Polymaths.