November 2017

The Bahamas – Private Banking & Wealth Management 2018

Providing crucial insight into the global private banking and wealth management industry, Getting the Deal Through – Private Banking & Wealth Management covers topics such as: regulatory and self-regulatory bodies; licensing requirements and conditions; anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention requirements; politically exposed persons; due diligence and know your customer requirements; consumer protection; cross-border restrictions; tax disclosure and reporting requirements; legal structures for holding private assets; confidentiality obligations; liability, claims and dispute resolution.

In this latest edition Michael Paton and Dwayne Whylly discuss Private Banking & Wealth Management in The Bahamas.

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Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Private Banking & Wealth Management 2018, (published in September 2017; contributing editors: Shelby R du Pasquier, Stefan Breitenstein and Fedor Poskriakov, Lenz & Staehelin) For further information please visit