Dr David Hayton LLD (Cantab) LLD (Newcastle Univ) TEP (Hon) ACTAPS (Hon), Barrister and Bencher  of Lincoln’s Inn, London, Fellow of King’s College London, was a full-time Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice in Trinidad from July 2005  to July 2019.  As a member of the CCJ and one of the Court’s longest-serving judges, he has been described by advocates and fellow judges as an “intellectual giant” and “a jurist of international repute.” He is also a part-time Judge on The Court for Trusts and Fiduciary Relations in the Republic of San Marino, Italy (since 2015).

David joined Lennox Paton in early September 2019 as a Consultant, his practice spans the firm’s Trust and Litigation groups. He provides legal opinions, litigation support and acts as an expert witness in Trust Law and Arbitration.

He has contributed over 50 papers to learned journals and authored or edited sixteen books in the area of trusts (including Underhill & Hayton, Law of Trusts & Trustees), property, succession and tax.  He is thus arguably the leading authority in the United Kingdom and Europe on trust law. 


In 1973, I became a Fellow of Jesus College and a lecturer at Cambridge University. After a year or so, I restricted my Bar practice to paperwork as it was impractical to fit in court work. In my 14 years in Cambridge I did stints as Secretary to the Degree Committee of the Law Faculty, as University Advocate and as acting Jesus College Bursar (overseeing the GBP25million endowment). I also lectured on Revenue Law and on Conveyancing at the Inns of Court School of Law. I headed the UK delegation for the XVth Session of The Hague Conference for the Convention on The Recognition of Trusts 1984 and for the XVIth Session for the Convention on Succession to Deceaseds’ Estates 1988. In 1985 I was Visiting Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore. 

In 1987 I was appointed Professor of Law at King’s College, London, becoming Dean of the Law Faculty 1988-1990 (a separate post from Head of the Department of Law) and Chair 1992-1995 of London University’s Board of Studies in Law and of its LLM Management Committee with over 1,000 LLM students. When the Trust Law Committee of England and Wales was set up in 1994 with Mr Justice Vinelott as Chair, I became Deputy Chair, chairing working parties on reform topics till 2005. I was Van der Grinten Visiting Professor at the Nijmegen Radboud University 1995 -1997. From 1993-1996 I was Assistant Hon Sec and 1996-2001 Hon Sec of the Society of Public Teachers of Law (later the Society of Legal Scholars). I was also on the Law Panel for the Higher Education Funding Council’s Research Exercise for grading University Law Schools in 2001.

During my time at King’s I wrote a Consultation Paper on Financial Services and Trust Law commissioned in 1990 by the Securities Investment Board and the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation. For the Edwards’ Home Office Review of Financial Regulation in the Crown Dependencies (1998 Cm 4109-1) I was the trust law consultant, while in 2000 I visited Washington as technical adviser to the International Monetary Fund advising on Offshore Centres’ Trust Law and Trustee Regulation. In 2002 I produced a Report for The Association of Corporate Trustees on Trusts and their Commercial Counterparts in Continental Europe. The Lord Chancellor’s Department consulted me from time to time until 2005 on EU succession harmonisation measures leading ultimately to the EU Succession Regulation. On this see Ietter https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200910/ldselect/ldeucom/75/75pdf  published in the House of Lords European Union Committee, Sixth Report of Session 2009-2010, The European Union’s Regulation on Succession, HL Paper 75, 69-72.

I then accepted the invitation of the Chief Justice of The Bahamas to help clear a backlog of cases, sitting as an acting Supreme Court Judge in Nassau in The Bahamas for 12 weeks in 2000, resigning as a Recorder an office held since 1983. I later accepted an invitation to sit for six weeks in 2001.  I was asked to sit in Grand Bahama towards the end of 2003 but declined, the increase in my consultancy Bar practice on top of my other commitments prevented acceptance of the offer.

In 2004 I was elected a Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn. I also saw the advert in the New Law Journal for judges for the Caribbean Court of Justice with its original jurisdiction (like the European Court of Justice) over the Caribbean Community’s Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, and its appellate jurisdiction as the agreed replacement under the Agreement Establishing the CCJ for the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

I applied for the CCJ Bench, hoping my stints as a Judge in Nassau would help qualify me for the CCJ Bench. I was interviewed with many others and offered a judgeship, so becoming one of the original seven CCJ Justices on 1st July 2005. In 2005 I also became Emeritus Professor of Property Law and a Fellow of King’s College, London and was awarded the degree LL.D. (Cantab) for my publications. I am also an Honorary Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists. In 2015 I was installed as a (part-time) Judge of the Fiduciary Court of San Marino.

When I attained the compulsory retiring age of 72 years in July 2016 the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission extended my tenure the maximum three years to the age of 75 years, where I retired in 2019.

David Hayton


Books (Click to expand)

Hayton, Registered Land 1973, 3rd ed 1981 Sweet & Maxwell

Hayton & Tiley, Capital Transfer Tax 1975, 2nd ed 1978 Butterworths

Hayton (ed) Hayton & Marshall, Commentary and Cases on Trusts 6th ed 1975 to 12th ed 2005 Sweet & Maxwell – then passed on to Professors Charles Mitchell and Ben McFarlane

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Hayton (ed) Trusts and Powers Vol 98 Halsbury’s Laws of England 5th ed 2013 Butterworths LexisNexis

Published papers (Click to expand)

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Forewords (Click to expand)

David has written forewords for the following books.

M Scott Donald & L Butler Beatty (eds) The Evolving Role of Trust in Superannuation Federation Press Australia 2018;

 S Strong (ed) Arbitration of Trust Disputes: Issues in National and International Law Oxford International Arbitration Series 2016;

C Gothard & S Shah (eds), The Trust World Survey, Oxford 2010;

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STEP A Practical Guide to Transfers of Trusteeships;

R Belle Antoine Trusts and related Tax Issues in Offshore Financial Law Oxford 2013;

James Kessler, Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts all editions.

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