December 2019

GRR’s Americas Restructuring Review 2020

Americas Restructuring Review 2020 has been published by the GRR (Global Restructuring Review). Partner, Sophia Rolle-Kapousouzoglou, has once again written a chapter for The Bahamas.

The guide provides exclusive thought leadership and invaluable retrospective from 32 authors across 17 chapters. The contributors capture and interpret the most substantial recent international restructuring events of the year just gone. The 2020 edition is bigger than ever and covers Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the US.

Sophia’s chapter provides a summary on the current position under Bahamian law as it relates to the extraterritorial reach of clawback claims, winding up of mutual funds on just and equitable grounds, anti-suit injunctions, recognition and assistance in cross-border proceeding and the recognition of a foreign court-appointed receiver and the appointment of provisional liquidators.

Accreditation: An extract from GRR’s Americas Restructuring Review 2020, first published in December 2019. The whole publication is available at:

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