Lorris Ganpatsingh has been a Consultant to the firm since November 2008. Lorris has had a career within the legal profession spanning 40 years. He sat on the Bahamian Court of Appeal for 8 years, and prior thereto was a Supreme Court Judge in The Bahamas. He also served as a Justice of the High Court of Guyana for twelve years.

Lorris has gained a wide range of experience at the Appellate Level having dealt with criminal and civil cases. He has also been involved in numerous arbitrations.

He has adjudicated on many important local and international decisions including the Oracle Fund Ltd. v Fortis Fund Services,, Grupo Torras S.A. v. Al-Sabah (Trustee of), Central Bank of Equador, Globe-X Canadiana Ltd.,and Samuel Knowles v. Commissioner of Police.  Lorris is also highly recognized for his dissenting judgment in the case of Rhyna v. The Transport and Harbors Department which is widely cited in published texts as a locus classicus on the law of negligence.

Lorris practiced as General Counsel for the bauxite industry in Guyana prior to his appointment as a High Court Judge in Guyana.  He has had many years practicing forensic advocacy both at the private Bar, and as a Prosecutor in the Chamber of the Department of Public Prosecutions in Guyana between 1971-1977.  He has acquired considerable experience at the Criminal Bar. He served as Crown Counsel and Senior Crown Counsel prior to being appointed Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.

Lorris then served in industry between 1977-1983 specializing in maritime, commercial, corporate law, civil law and equity. He also has experience in Labour and Employment Law, dealing with Extraditions, Banking and Insurance, Building and Construction, Insolvency, Personal Injury, Equity and Trusts, Constitutional Law and Family Law.

Lorris has served as a Director and Legal Advisor on various Corporate Boards in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Tobacco, and Purchasing.  He has been a member of the Bar of England and Wales, and Guyana since 1969.   He is a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and the Rotary Club.